Ultrafine Atomized Alloy Powders

As one of the world well known alloy powder suppliers, CISRI group member -AT&M has been engaged in atomized powders over forty years. Two sets of vacuum melting N2/Ar gas atomizers, four sets of high-pressure water atomizers and full testing instruments are well equipped. At present, six categories and over fifty types high quality Fe-base, Ni-base, Co-base, Cu-base and other customized fine alloy powders are produced, which include soft magnetic alloy powders, super fine stainless steel and low alloy steel powders for metal injection molding (MIM) parts, industrial diamond catalyst powders and pre-alloyed matrix powders for diamond tools, high speed steel powders and super alloy powders for HIPPED products, thermal spray coating / welding / brazing powders for hard face. Our newly invested production line which will run into operation July,2013 will expand our annual capacity to 4000 tons.