This page introduces collected FAQ. If you have other questions than those collected, and if you want to know the details of technical information or want to meet the persons in charge, please do not hesitate to inquire.

Questions about CISRI Group.

  • What is the relationship between CISRI and CISRI-International?

CISRI-International is the branch of CISRI which in charge of the marketing abroad.

  • What is the relationship between CISRI-International and Advanced Technology and Materials (AT&M)?

Both CISRI-International and AT&M are the main members of CISRI Group. CISRI Group contains three listed corporations and over 20 branch companies. They are the top manufactures in their areas.

Questions on Tungsten and Molybdenum

  • How to store them safely?

Avoid high temperature and high humidity for Tungsten and Molybdenum.Keep surface-finished parts (whitened surface) in desiccators because they are easily oxidized.

  • Are there any standardized or standard-sided products?

Our products will be offered at the required shape and size. We are the specia manufacture in China.

  • What is the smallest quantity offered by CISRI?

As for rods and plates, the smallest quantity depends on their shape. For a detailed estimation, please inquire.

  • What surface can be offered?

Parts can be supplied with crude or machined surface.