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CISRI metal injection molding powder: Attractive to American...


CISRI metal injection molding powder: Attractive to American buyers. 2012-11-01

31/10/2012, Mr. Elry Cramer, from BSC, as the supplier of MIM powder in American, came to visit CISRI factory.

After visited the water atomization process and gas atomization process, Mr. Elry Cramer was impressive to the quality management system during the processing, include raw materials incoming inspection system, production processes control system, finished goods check system. He admitted that CISRI provides customers with the best support in every step, the metal injection molding powder was reliable.

As a leading firm and well know powder supplier in China, AT&M(the key member of CISRI Group.) has been engaged in atomized powders over forty years. Two sets of vacuum melting N2/Ar gas atomizers, four sets of high-pressure water atomizers and full testing instruments are well equipped. At present, six categories and over fifty types high quality Fe-base, Ni-base, Co-base, Cu-base and other customized fine alloy powders are produced, which include soft magnetic alloy powders, super fine stainless steel and low alloy steel powders for metal injection molding (MIM) parts, industrial diamond catalyst powders and pre-alloyed matrix powders for diamond tools, high speed steel powders and super alloy powders for HIPPED products, thermal spray coating / welding / brazing powders for hard face.

- High purity, low inclusion
- Spherical and irregular particle shape customized
- Mean particle size range from 5-100 μm
- Low oxygen content

Major products
- Metal Injection Molding (MIM) Powders
- Materials: Stainless steel, low alloy steel, super alloy, HSS etc.
- Grade: 316L, 440C, 17-4PH,FeNi50, M2, 718

- Super fine particle size
- High tap density
- Low oxygen content
- Spherical and near spherical particle shape