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CISRI celebrates its 60th birthday


CISRI celebrates its 60th birthday 2012-11-09

09/11/2012, It was 60 years ago that CISRI established. As the main research institution for Chinese metallurgical industry, top experts of material and equipment were gathered in CISRI. From then on, CISRI has received tremendous achievement.

By the end of 2011, CISRI has amassed more than 5000 scientific and technological achievements. Among them, 305 achievements won national awards such as the First Prize of National Invention Award and the First Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, 1064 achievements won provincial or ministerial awards, and 790 achievements were patented.

Today CISRI has over 202 professors and directly-held 2 research institutes, 3 listed companies and 14 national key laboratories &engineering technology centers. It has 6 industrial bases, the bases cover a total land area of 107 hectares with a building area of more than400,000m2and now have 18 industrial production units, 9 of which are designated as the National High-tech Industrialization Demonstration Projects.

CISRI has seen a rapid growth of the high-tech industry in new metal materials and products, metallurgical engineering technology and equipment.

New metal materials and products include,

1.    Amorphous materials, Nanocrystalline Ribbons and Cores

2.    Magnetic materials , Rare Earth Permanent Magnets

3.    Welding Consumables

4.    Ultrafine Atomized Alloy Powders

5.    Metal Injection Molding Products, Metal Component/Part

6.    Porous Metal Filters and Their Components

7.    Special steel, High Speed Steel (HSS) Products

8.    Refractory Metals and Ceramics Products

9.    High Temperature Alloys and Products

10.  Sputtering Targets

11.  Super Alloy

12.  Biomedical Materials

Historic pictures to magnetic material department.