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CERN regards AT&M as trustworthy supplier


CERN regards AT&M as trustworthy supplier 2012-11-27

CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research, the world's largest particle physics centre. AT&M(as the main member of CISRI Group ) was proud of supplying the Tungsten Heavy Alloy for the Accelerators and Detectors. For the best quality and good service, CERN awarded AT&M the excellent supplier in 2004. From then on, AT&M has been regarded as trustworthy supplier for CERN.

As one of the earliest units engaged in refractory metal research and production in China, over the past 50 years, AT&M produced various big sizes tungsten heavy alloy parts by CIP, various small parts by mold pressing, extruding or MIM, various high strength plates, bars and shafts by forging, rolling or hot extruding, ranging from several grams to over 500 kg.


AT&M refractory materials and products included,

-       Tungsten(Molybdenum) Copper Alloy

-       Hot Isostatic Press Technology

-       Cemented Carbide Products

-       Tungsten Heavy Alloy

-       Rhenium and Rhenium-Tungsten(Molybdenum) Productd

-       Machined Tungsten/Molybdenum Products

-       Sintered Tungsten/Molybdenum Products

-       Molybdenum Electrodes for Glass Melting