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Current Development of Biomedical Materials


Current Development of Biomedical Materials 2012-12-24
Biomedical material is the important part of biomedical engineering. It is used in the areas of diagnosis, treatment and repairing or replacing human tissue, organ or theirs functions promoting. It involves hundreds of millions of people's health as safeguard of human health. Its application not only saves millions of lives, makes the diseases be detected early and treated effectively and reduces the cardiovascular diseases, cancer, trauma and other serious disease mortality. Biomedical materials prolong life and improve the quality of life. It greatly reduces medical costs and plays a guiding role in the modern medical technology innovation and the development of medical and health services. With the successful clinical application, an industry of biomedical materials and products has been formed. It is not only the fundament of medical equipment (Biomedical Engineering) industry, but also is the most potential industry in the world economy.

At present, China's biomedical materials industry.
 for example, has achieved great development. But because of the technology failing to adapt to the market, disagreement in the technology and management factors, weak engineering and inadequate capital throws, it causes problems of slow transformation of research achievements, low degree of industrialization which become the bottleneck of the development of China's biological materials. Then in the China's biomedical materials industry, the high-end products mainly needs to be imported, innovative products are few, the main raw materials rely on imports and there're few large companies with the international influence.

There are some effective suggestions about the China's biological materials development:

(1) Under the direction of contemporary biomedical materials development clue, focus on the development of the products of large quantity and wide sale network, improve product quality and technical level to ensure the general realization in the self-sufficient and partly exports for common products, to meet the demand of people's basic medical care for biomedical material technology and Molybdenum electrodes.

(2) Realize the innovation and integration of China's biomedical materials industry's system and technology and produce a series of major patent products which have independent intellectual property rights to enhance the competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets.

(3) Try to develop large enterprises or enterprise clusters and form a large-scale production in order to make the industrial structure of medium and small enterprises as main part transform to the structure of medium and small enterprises development under the drive of large enterprises or enterprise groups which lay the foundation of developing China's high-tech biomedical materials industry for catching up with the advanced international level.For more information about this, you can visit our website(www.cisri-int.com) and please feel free to contact us.