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The history of CISRI (NMT) HIP Center


The history of CISRI (NMT) HIP Center 2013-01-07
In the past 50 years, CISRI (NMT) HIP Center has contributed over 200 sets of HIP(hot isostatic pressing) and CIP(cool isostatic pressing) equipments to the market . The history of CISRI (NMT) HIP Center could be traced back to a CISRI technical team which worked on the initial research and development in 1950s. This team has begun to design and produce HIP equipments from 1972. As the most effective way to increase the density, over 100 sets of our Sinter-HIP furnaces have been used in the superalloy processing industry, Ti-Al alloy processing industry, super hard alloy processing industry, high-performance ceramic processing industry, powder metallurgy industry, and complex materials processing industry.

After decades of efforts, CISRI (NMT) HIP Center has been ranked as the first class HIP supplier in the world .Reply on the professional technical team and rich experience of processing control from research, design, manufacture, install to commission, CISRI (NMT) HIP Center is able to provide sophisticated production facilities to meet various customer requirements.

CISRI (NMT) HIP Center always enjoys sharing the value of developments with customers and has earned reliable reputation in the HIP market.

CISRI (NMT) HIP Center memorabilia,

-1956   began to research on CIP technology.

-1959   the first CIP was built successfully.

-1961   commercial CIP was delivered to customer and was applied in industry.

-1972   began developing HIP technology.

-1978   first commercial HIP was delivered to customer and was applied in industry.

-1984   max 2000Mpa were achieved in our HIP.

-1988   HIP was exported by CISRI.

-1991   successful in developing Sinter-HIP.

-2001   built an anti-pollution HIP.

-2001   developed multi-functional sinter HIP technology.

-2008   Asia largest HIP was built by NMT. The furnace size: Φ 1250mm × 2500mm.

-2010   more than 70 kinds of specification HIP furnaces available including horizontal and vertical sinter HIP.