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AT&M celebrated the completion and commissioning of the new ...


AT&M celebrated the completion and commissioning of the new HIP equipment 2013-01-28
December 7, the CISIRI group member-- Advanced Technology & Materials Co.,Ltd. held the completion and commissioning ceremony of the Φ850mm x 2500mm large hot isostatic pressing equipment in AT&M Zhuozhou Production Base .This HIP equipment is named ’Pioneer’ and was made by Avure Technologies AB (Swedish subsidiary) ,the world top famous Ultra high temperature/High pressure technology and equipment supplier.

HIP technology is widely applied in densification of powder, casting treatment, diffusion welding, ceramic materials, superalloys, titanium alloys, aluminum alloys, composite materials and so on. It also finds utilization in preparation of other hi-tech materials.

Coming into use of this new HIP equipment will initially ease the current contradiction between domestic hot isostatic processing capacity and market demand, enhance the level of processing technology and equipment levels of hot isostatic pressing. AT&M will be able to provide the high-end manufacturers, including national aerospace, marine engineering, automotive, surface engineering ,etc. with key production process .It will also lay the foundation for the high-end hot isostatic pressing material research and production in China.

The CISIRI group member-- Advanced Technology & Materials Co.,Ltd. is the leading company that initially launched research and production of refractory materials in China. It professionally provides unconventional-typed, irregular-shaped tungsten, molybdenum and rhenium alloys, sputtering targets and other high-end production, and boasts the largest-scale HIP center in China. It serves the high-end market in the emerging industries ranging from aerospace, electric power, electronics, medical equipment to nuclear, LED and solar energy.
More details of the products are as follows:
--Refractory Materials. We provide sintered tungsten and molybdenum products, tungsten heavy alloys, tungsten copper alloys and molybdenum copper alloys. The international market share ranks the leading position. AT&M boasts the Beijing Technical Research Center of Refractory Metal.
--Sputtering Targets. We have built the largest manufacturing and R&D base for sputtering targets, and have already been one of the high-tech suppliers of sputtering targets which are widely serving for Hard coating/ Low-e glass/Thin film PV/ Hard disk storage/Flat panel display/Electronic/Semiconductor/Decoration field etc. AT&M boasts Beijing Key laboratory for sputtering targets.