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Application of Nano-Magnetic Materials


Application of Nano-Magnetic Materials 2013-02-04
Magnetism is an old but young subject. Although we human beings discovered magnetic thousands of years ago, we do researches in magnetic materials for less than 100 years. Until now, the magnetic materials have become a huge family. Magnetic materials are divided into soft magnetic materials, permanent magnet materials and functional magnetic materials. The ordinary magnetic materials can be used as induction cookers, and maglev trains. The maglev train can reduce the friction and increase speed, and will get rid of noise and air pollution.
However there is a new type of Bonded NdFeB permanent magnets called Nano-magnetic materials. The applications of the Nano-magnetic materials are mainly as follows.
1. The magnetic recording.
In addition to tapes and CDs, the RAMs of computers are formed of multi-layer Nano-magnetic films.
2. As Nano-absorbing materials.
Add some amount of Nano-magnetic materials into the paint, and the paint will be able to absorb electromagnetic waves, and its absorption and dissipation of infrared will be excellent. At the same time, this kind of paint is light. So it is often applied for stealth. The stealth aircraft is on this principle. Absorbing materials will absorb electromagnetic waves emitted by radars, so the radar waves are rarely reflected, and the plane was invisible.
3. In the biomedical field.
After surface modification, Nano-magnetic materials from China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group are attached great importance to diagnosis of diseases. As a carrier, magnetic particles mix with medicine, and then inject into the artery. With the help of the external magnetic field, magnetic microspheres loaded with anti-cancer drugs were stranded at the tumor region, and will release the medicine slowly and continuously. The tumor and the surrounding lymph node tissue are in a relatively high concentration of medicine, and the other parts are in a relatively low concentration. In this way, the toxic side effects will be eliminated to a big degree.
4. Soft Nano-magnetic materials.
If we choose the appropriate chemical composition and process conditions, the magnetic materials will be made into good permanent Nano-magnetic materials and soft Nano-magnetic materials. Nowadays, magnetic materials are more multi-functional. They will be applied to more fields, such as power transformers, high frequency transformers and magnetic shielding, etc.
In the last decades of years, magnetic materials have become an important part of national economy, and have developed very rapidly. Many new types of magnetic materials come into being, thus making lots of contribution to our modern industrial technology.For more information about, you can visit our website(www.cisri-int.com) and please feel free to contact us.For more information about, you can visit our website(www.cisri-int.com) and please feel free to contact us.