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CISRI-AT&M, is making every effort to be the foremost manufacturer of metallic materials and products in the world. 2013-02-06
As the key member of CISRI Group, Advanced Technology & Materials Co., Ltd (AT&M) was established by China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group (CISRI),
Being a national high-tech enterprise, AT&M always focuses on R&D and manufacture of new metallic materials and products. By the end of Dec. 2011, the registered capital has reached 858.88 Million RMB.
The mission of AT&M is to be the foremost manufacturer of metallic materials and products in the world. In the past ten years, AT&M has provided its customers with the solutions to their materials technology problems in the main five industry fields of amorphous/nano-crystalline materials, powder metallurgy products, metallic magnetic materials, welding materials, diamond tools and high speed tool steels. AT&M has made great contributions to the R&D of key materials for many crucial industries such as aerospace and astronautics, information technology, metallurgy, advanced energy and environmental protection, etc.
By ten-year development, AT&M has already established four production sites and also wholly owns or holds shares in 14 companies. Internationally. Its products have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions and have been accepted by many well-known domestic as well as international enterprises.
Based on CISRI Group, AT&M has constructed an advanced technology innovation platform. The company boasts a research and development group directed by academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering with more than 40 PhDs as the core strength. AT&M is one of the first 118 state-approved enterprise technology centers and affiliated with three state engineering research centers and laboratories and a post-doctoral research station.
The main products of AT&M as follow,
Amorphous & Nanocrystalline Ribbons and Products
Magnetic Materials
Refractory Metal and Products
powdered metal products
Energy Storage and Power Generation Materials
Welding Materials and Products
Advanced Engineering Technology
Biomedical Materials and Products
High Speed Steel & Hss Tools
Diamond Tools