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CISRI Delegation Visited POSCO


CISRI Delegation Visited POSCO 2012-06-18
From Nov. 2nd to 5th, 2011, a delegation led by Dr. Cai Rang, board chairman of CISRI paid a visit to Pohang Iron and Steel Co. Ltd, Korea, at the invitation of Mr. Joon-Yang Chung, the CEO of POSCO.

During the visit, the delegation visited POSCO Art Museum, POSCO Cultural Center, Pohang Works and API steel and stainless steel labs. CISRI-POSCO collaboration meeting was held, during which Dr. Woo and Dr. Cai Rang introduced the overall development situation of POSCO and CISRI separately. Special topics on new iron-making technology, forming technology and welding technology were presented. Both sides expressed sincere cooperative intention in the future and agreed upon to call for symposium in March of next year.

On Nov. 28th, 2011, a delegation led by Mr. Olle Wijk, executive vice president of Sandvik, Sweden visited CISRI. A technical exchange was held, during which both sides introduced development and research situations. Technical issues on common interest were discussed and a cooperative agreement on austenitic heat-resistant steels used for 700℃ ultra-supercritical thermal power was made.