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Amalgam Capsule


Amalgam Capsule


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Amalgam Capsules

The manufacturer, AT&M Biomaterial Corp., Ltd., has passed the certification of ISO13485:2003.
Alloy Composition: 43%Ag, 32%Sn, 25%Cu.
No Zinc and No Gamma 2 Phase.

Conform to standard ISO24234: 2004.

Physical Properties
1 hr Compressive Strength > 90 MPa
24 hrs Compressive Strength > 400 MPa
24 hrs Volume Change (%) < +0.07
7 days Static Creep (%) < 0.2
1/2 spill: 200mg (White)   1 spill: 400mg (Yellow)
2 spills: 600mg (Blue)       3 spills: 800mg (Red)
50 pieces / box
1.    Select appropriate package according to color coding.
2.    Press down plunger end of the capsule and allow mercury enter mixing chamber.
3.    Carefully insert capsule in the clip arm of amalgamator and make sure the capsule is securely positioned in the clip arm.
4.    Select the appropriate vibration frequency and amalgamation time (Recommendation: vibration frequency 4500~5500rpm, mixing time10~15s).
5.    After amalgamation has been completed, remove capsule from clip and separate the capsule.
6.    Empty contents and use amalgam immediately.
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