Ceramet Hot Extrusion Die

Ceramet Hot Extrution Die has many good properties: high thermal stability and abrasive resistance, no oxidazing, no deformation and no hanging up in high temperature, high precision and surface quality for finish products. Now Ceramet Hot Extrution Die is widely used in hot extrusion of copper and its alloys even for Ti, stainless steel and alloys.


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Material Introduction

Metal-ceramic hot extrusion dies are characterized by good heat resistance, red hardness, thermal stability and wear resistance, and no oxidation, no deformation and no hanging at high temperature, as well as high precision, good surface quality and high finished product rate of extrusion products.

Application Fields

Metal ceramic dies are mainly used for the hot extrusion processing of bars, pipes, wire rods and shaped materials made of red copper, brass, bronze, cupronickel, etc., as well as the extrusion of titanium materials, stainless steels and aluminium alloys.

Product Specification

1. Hardness
Room temperature hardness: HRA 80-87;
At 1000 ℃ temperature, the Vickers hardness (HV) is more than 400, so a RJT extrusion die will not deform in use and the nib will keep stable geometrical shape, and then the size of extruded product will be of high accuracy and good surface quality.
2. Wear resistance
Under the same conditions, the result of a roll abrasion test shows that the abrasion value of RJT die material is only one-sixth of what of hot-working steel die material (heat-treated 3Cr2W8V);
3. Friction coefficient
The friction coefficient is 0.266.
4. Linear expansion coefficient:
11.62×10-6~12.31×10-6 mm/℃

Manufacturing Process

Our company has a variety of diversified self production and processing production lines for carefully and responsibly monitoring each productive process of the products required by customers, which ensures that we are able to provide the highest quality products.

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