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As a leading manufacturer of the sputtering target material in China, CISRI International supplies excellent pure metal and alloy targets for the following industries: glass, motor, machine work, optical coating, semiconductor, optical disk, magnetic head, flat panel display etc.

Production process: HIP

density: >99.6%

purity: 99.5%-99.8%2N5-2N8

Grain size: <150μm

Typical products: Ti-40Al, Ti-50Al, Ti-64Al, Ti-70Al, Cr-50Al, Cr-70Al (at%)

We also provide other Film targets:

Plate target:

Pure metal: Cr, Ti, Ni, Co, Al, Sn, In, Mg, Zr, Nb, V, Ta

Alloy metal: TiAl, WTi, NiCr, NiV, NiTi, NiCu, CrAl, CrW, CrSi, CrV, ZnSn, ZnAl,FeNi,InSn,SiAl, WC

CoCrTa, CoNbZr, CoFeB, NiCrFe, TiAlCr, NiCrAlY, CoCrAlY, FeCrAlY

Nobel Metal: Au, Ag

Tube target: Cr, Sn, Nb, W, ZnAl

The delivery time of sputtering targets is usually four weeks for sample order, and the delivery time is two to three weeks for regular shipment.

CrAl target

Properies of CrAl Target



Relative Density


Grain Size



Max Length: 1800mm, Max Width: 350mm

Max Dia: 500mm

Typical Products

Cr-50Al, Cr-70Al(at%)

Other special specifications are available on customers’ request.

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