FeCo Target


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CISRI International offers high performance sputtering targets for hard disk or other magnetic data storage fields as below:
Cr, CrMo, CrMoTa, CoTaZr-X, CoCr-X-Y, CoNbZr, CoNiFe, CoFeB, FeCo, FeSiB, NiFe, NiW-X, NiCrFe, NiTa, TiAl, Ta, etc.

CISRI International owns a special team who are familiar with magnetic technology and experience for developing sputtering targets used for magnetic data storage. CISRI can program R&D for new products rapidly on request and strive to bring the best service to our customer.

FeCo target

Properties of FeCo Target


>99.95% (3N5)

Grain Size


Typical Products

Fe-30Co, Fe-35Co, Fe-50Co, Fe-70Co, Fe-90Co (at%)

Other special specifications are available on customers' request.

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