HIP(Hot Isostatic Pressing)

Central Iron and Steel Research Institute (CISRI), the parent company of AT&M, is the earliest unit in China engaged in R&D of HIP technology and manufacturing of HIP equipment. AT&M made a lot of achievements in all of the HIP using field (consolidating powders, upgrading castings, densifying presintered components, interfacial bonding) and the material research of HIP products (superalloy, high speed steel, Ti alloy, Al alloy, ceramic materials, composites etc.). Now, AT&M is the HIP R&D center and HIP equipment using center in China.


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HIP Services

Perfect HIP technology services and HIP PM products are provided.

Small batch and small size workpiece can be treated in shared cycle with other small runs (requiring the same processing parameters).   

CISRI-AT&M is the leader in the domestic HIP industry and the most powerful promoter of HIP technology in China.

Annual capsule preparation amount exceeds 1000.

Annual powder charging capacity exceeds 300T.

Pass rate of finalized product package is 100% for four consecutive years.


Service Field

Material System

  Nickel cobalt base superalloy
 Titanium alloy
 Aluminum alloy
 Stainless steel
 Copper alloy
 Beryllium alloy
 Hard alloy products
 High performance ceramics
 Bi-metal composite materials
 Tungsten copper diffusion bonding
 High temperature alloy plate and blade diffusion bonding

Product Display

Densification of Casting

CISRI-AT&M has undertaken the HIP treatment of 85% domestic aeronautics & astronautics Ti castings, including bearing support plate, medium casing and streaming diversion components, etc., which is known as the center of aeronautics & astronautics Ti castings. Other applications relate to automobile industry, offshore oil and industrial engineering, as well as turbine disc and valve, etc.

W/Cu diffusion bonding (advanced bonding technology for W/Cu diverter module)

In the nuclear fusion reactor, the materials facing the plasma should have good high temperature behavior and high thermal conductivity. Because no single material can meet the two requirements at the same time, W-Cu composite material is developed. Tungsten(W) has a very high melting point, can be used at the side facing plasma; copper(Cu) has a very high thermal conductivity , can meet the rapid heat and cooling requirements as the matrix material. Welding quality directly affects the material’s final properties, so welding method selection and process is the key. HIP is the most suitable method for diverter production. Its main advantage is that you can bond two kinds of materials with very different physical properties; furthermore, HIP can be used as the final process of manufacturing.

AP1000 main pump thrust collar

AP1000 main pump (coolant pump in nuclear power plant) is the key device of the third generation nuclear power project. The pump uses high inertia flywheel power canned motor pump rather than the seal pumps used in traditional reactor, can run 60 years without repairing during the operation.
The thrust disc is one of the key parts of the main pump, high strength, high temperature resistance, good wear resistance, 60 years of service life. So the composite material must be used to meet the performance requirements. Our company is the first to use hot isostatic pressing compound technology to prepare the AP1000 main pump thrust collar, has an important influence on the localization progress of AP1000.

PM high-speed steel products

Our APM10 PM high speed steel (after heat treatment) has been used in composite rolls, screw& cylinder of inject machine with the advantages of small hot treatment deformation, excellent forging performance and good grinding performance. The content of carbide in APM10 greatly exceeds the range allowable for the high-speed steel castings, obtaining increased hardness (up to above HRC60), thus to further improve the wear resistance.

Large-size and various shaped capsules

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