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Metal Injection Molding (MIM) component/part


Metal Injection Molding (MIM) component/part

We are well experienced with tools design and machining, self-binder system and advanced debinding- sintering furnace. Materials include various stainless steel, low alloy steel, tool steel and super alloy. The products are with high dimension accuracy, high intensity and complexity and widely used in medical, automotive, mechanical and consumer applications. Our MIM plant is ISO9001:2000 ,ISO14001-96 ,TS16949 and ISO 18001 certified Manufacturer.


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Metal Injection Molding (MIM) Parts

Metal injection molding (MIM) is a high-tech near net shaping process to mass-produce small metal parts with complex shape, high precision and good performance. We have accumulated twenty years of experience with tools designing and machining, self-binder system and advanced debinding-sintering furnace. Stainless steel, low alloy steel, tool steel, heavy alloy, tungsten carbide of MIM parts of AT&M with high accuracy, intensity and complexity have been widely used in medical, automotive, mechanical and consumer applications. Over 80% of MIM parts exported to abroad, such as Japan, USA and E.U. The factory has certificated with ISO9001/14000, GB/T28001 and TS-16949.

- Greater freedom in shape design
- More homogeneous microstructure, higher density between 95%-100% of theoretical density
-Surface without polishing better than Ra.1.0 tolerance without rework can be0.3%-0.5% of blueprint dimensions
- Consistent quality and high production efficiency, raw materials can be reused in mass production, costs can be sharply reduced

Medical, Automotive, IT, Mechanical, Consumer applications

Applicable materials system & Performance properties of materials application system

Materials Density Rockwell Hardness Tensile Strength Elongation
g/cm3 Rockwell MPa %

Iron-base alloy
MIM-2200(S) 7.65 45HRB 290 40
MIM-2200(HT) 7.65 50HRC 380 20
MIM-2700(S) 7.65 69HRB 440 26
MIM-2700(Carbonitriding) 7.65 55HRC 830 9
MIM-4650(S) 7.55 90HRB 700 11
MIM-4650(HT) 7.55 48HRC 1655 2
MIM-8620(S) 7.5 85HRB 445 20
MIM-8650(HT) 7.5 35HRC 800-1300 5-9

MIM-316L(S) 7.8 67HRB 520 50
MIM-304L(S) 7.75 60HRB 500 70
MIM-17-4PH(S) 7.6 30HRC 900 6
MIM-17-4PH(HT) 7.6 40HRC 1185 5
MIM-440C(S) 7.5 45HRC 700 15
MIM-430(S) 7.5 65HRB 410 25
MIM-420 (HT) 7.25 45HRC 900 6
MIM-410(HT) 7.25 40HRC 900 7

Tool steel
M2(S) 7.9 60HRC

M2(S) 7.9 63HRC

S7(S) 7.2 45HRC 1550 3
S7(HT) 7.2 59HRC 1850 2
Soft magnetic alloy FeSi3 7.5

Tungsten alloy 95%W-Ni-Fe 18.1 30 960 25
97%W-Ni-Fe 18.5 33 940 15
Hard metal alloy YG8X 14.9 HRA90 Banged

Iron-base alloy, stainless steel, tool steel, tungsten alloy, hard-metal alloy, magnetic material, Kovar alloy etc.

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