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Material Introduction

Tungsten heavy alloy is a kind of alloy using tungsten as matrix and adding a small amount of nickel, iron, copper and other alloying elements, with the characteristics such as: high and adjustable density (~ 18.5g/cm3), good absorption ability of high-energy radiation (1/3 higher than the absorptivity of lead ray), low coefficient of thermal expansion (4 ~ 6×10-6/℃), good plasticity, high strength and elasticity modulus, machinability and weldability.


Tungsten heavy alloy balance weights are the key components in a number of different application fields. The tungsten heavy alloys can not only optimize the mechanical properties but also better balance and control the application of industrial machinery, especially in the aerospace industry and national defense industry which require the materials with high density, good mechanical strength and excellent processability. Therefore, tungsten heavy alloys are the best choice in that their high density can greatly reduce the physical size of components and then it will be easier to control weight distribution and increase the sensitivity of the control mechanisms. Tungsten heavy alloy balance weight components also can be widely used in other fields:

Aerospace: In the aerospace industry, we provide tungsten heavy alloys with excellent performance which can be used in the manufacture of gyroscopes, propellers and helicopter blades or radar equipment and avionics systems.

Automobile industry: in a Formula One car or a large diesel engine, the tungsten heavy alloys produced by our company are used in the crankshaft balance weight and chassis balance weight.

Sports equipment: Professional tungsten alloy dart shafts and golf clubs.

Product Specification

CISRI-AT&M produces a large variety of large and special-shaped high density alloy parts by using the isostatic compaction technology and various small parts via the extrusion, molding and injection molding technology as well as all kinds of processing plates, bars and other parts through forging, extrusion and rolling technology. The Branch can provide domestic and overseas customers with a variety of high-density alloys with several marks, and the technologies applied by the Branch have reached the international advanced level. The main specifications are:

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