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Molybdenum electrode and the water cooled electrode holder

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Molybdenum electrode and the water cooled electrode holder

 We only use the purest molybdenum powder to manufacture the molybdenum electrodes. The molybdenum powder has the characteristics of high melting point, high temperature strength and high hardness, good thermal shock resistance, good electrical conductivity, good thermal conductivity and good corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Molybdenum also has a better process suitability performance, and is easy for pressure processing and machining.


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Areas of Application

Molybdenum electrodes can be used in glass melting furnaces producing high quality glass and glass fiber. Our electrodes are energy efficiency, long service life, and environmental friendly. Molybdenum has a better corrosion resistance than normal material in molten glass. If tiny reaction happened, it’s colorless, which does not pollute glass product.

Product Specifications

CISRI-AT&M Refractory Metal Materials can provide domestic and international customers with a variety of different specifications of the molybdenum electrodes, and the technology of it has reached the international advanced level. Their main specifications and performance are:

Production Process

CISRI-AT&M Refractory Metal Materials uses the machining ways of isostatic molding, high temperature sintering, free forging, and precision machining to make the density of molybdenum rod close to the theoretical density, thereby more excellent high temperature performance can be achieved.

Company Advantages

The molybdenum electrode technology researched and applied successfully by CISRI-AT&M Refractory Metal Materials firstly has been used for glass fiber drawing furnace, glass kiln feed channel, and replaced the expensive platinum electrodes. And this technology won the third Prize of National Invention Prize in 1981. Now it has been used in the whole country. The electric heating and electric boosting molybdenum electrodes for electric melting glass furnace and the corresponding cooling system equipment researched, developed and produced on us own has flourished and extensively used in well-known enterprises, companies in domestic glass industry, achieving the trust and praise of the majority of customers. Variety of plate and rod-shaped electrodes can meet the needs of a variety of fused kiln. Using this kind of electrodes has the characteristics of less investment, high energy yield, corrosion resistance to molten glass, uniform electrical load and current density, uniform furnace temperature, job stability, etc.

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