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Nanofil Composite


Nanofil Composite


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NanoFil Light Curing Composite Resin


Light curing composite resin is the most widely used dental filling material. It has excellent esthetics and physical properties. It is easy to prepare and has no risk of mercury poisoning. AT&M Biomaterials Co, Ltd has invented a new low shrinkage NanoFil composite. This product has low degree of shrinkage after curing, high strength, good wear resistance, color stability, even color tone, and is able to attain a highly polished appearance and prevent X-Ray transmission (double the amount of X-Ray for the same thickness of Aluminum plate.

Product Description
1.Product Composition: BIS-GMA, UDMA, TEDGMA, γ-MPS, mineral filler, photo-initiator, stabilizer etc.
2.Physical appearance and smell: Viscous and sticky state under normal conditions

Product Instructions for Use
1.Isolation: Recommended to use a rubber dam to isolate the handling of materials.
2.Dental cavity preparation: After polishing the tooth, wash with water. The principle behind cavity preparation is to minimize the damage to teeth tissue. The optimal shape of the cavity should be "U" shape to maximize the surface in contact with the composite resin to increase the adhesion
3.Dental pulp protection: Cover the bottom of the cavity with a layer of Calcium hydroxide paste as support.
4.Cavity etching: Etch the dentin. Use cotton balls or rubber dam to isolate the gum and etch the enamel outside the cavity. After 60 seconds, use water to rinse and then blow dry. The dentin should become white.
5.Filling the cavity: Apply the adhesive agent evenly on the etched cavity. Allow light curing by shinning 15-20 seconds of light, and then determine the color of teeth. Choose the pigment that is of the closest shade. Mix the light activated dental composite resin with the selected pigment. The whole process should not involve any metal apparatus. Semi-transparent mould strips can be used.
6.Curing time: Light colored composite resin should be cured for 20 seconds whereas darker composite resin should be cured for 40 seconds.
7.Mould polishing: Use carbon steel or diamond to polish, mould, use a thin grinding wheel slice and rubber cup to contain the alumina and carry out the polishing.

Nano resin

Based on the national 863 program, we adopt mixed stuffing to ensure that the stuffing ratio is above 80% and good wear resistance; low shrinkage and excellent edge sealing performance; outstanding transparency design to ensure stable coloration, good performance of clinical finishing and natural aesthetic effect.

Our Nano resins include

High-intensity light-curing resin used in both the labial and cheek teeth;

High-intensity light-curing resin exclusively used in cheek teeth;

Flowable resin;

Etching single-bottle adhesive;

Nano resin bullet clothes;

Supporting products include:

Resin delivery machine

Light curing machine

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