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Reverse Cold Rolling Mill


Reverse Cold Rolling Mill


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Technical Parameter:
Types: Six-High Reverse Rolling Mill,

Models: MS-6C-400A  MS-6C-450A  MSB-6C-650A  MSB-6C-650E  MSB-6C8 00A MSB-6C-900A  MSB-6C-1450A  MSD-6C-1780A
Strip Width: 400-1580 mm
Thickness of raw material: 1-4 mm
Thickness of end product: 0.15-2.5 mm
Capacity: Max 250,000 mt/a (Reverse),

Project case:
MSB-6C-1450B Six-High Reverse Rolling Mill
Technical parameters:
Strip thickness:1.5mm~3.5mm
Final strip width:0.2mm~1.5mm
Roller dimention:Work rollΦ420/380×1450mm
Intermediate roll Φ480/430×1400mm
Backup rollΦ1350/1280×1350mm
Max. rolling speed :1200m/min
Max. rolling force : 20000KN
Max. coiling tension :140KN
Quality&Specification: SPHC、SPHD、SPHE、10#、20#、08、08AL etc
Product: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Titanium, etc
End Product Thickness: 0.15-2.5mm; Width: 400-1800mm
Capacity: Max 250,000mt/a

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