TiAl Target


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China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group has 60 years of experience in metal materials, and we produced the first Cr target in China decades of years before, and lead the target industry in China.
We have three technologies to produce the targets. The first one is by vacuum furnace to melt the metals, such as NiCr, NiAl, NiCu and NiV targets. The second one is powder metallurgy method by HIP/CIP, such as Cr targets. The third one is plasma spraying, such as SiAl targets.

We not only produce planar targets but rotary targets.

For tooling industry, we mainly supply TiAl by HIP and TiAl by melting method and Cr targets.

TiAl target

Properties of TiAl Target


>99.8% (2N8)

Relative Density


Grain Size



Max Length: 1800mm; Max Width: 350mm Max Dia: 500mm

Typical Products

Ti-33Al, Ti-40Al, Ti-50Al, Ti-67Al, Ti-70Al, Ti-75Al (at%)

Other special specifications are available on customers' request.

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