Tungsten Rhenium Wire

Alloyed with tungsten in 3%, 5%,25%, 26% content, rhenium make tungsten become more ductile and machinable. With good electrical properties, W-Re alloys are be used as high temperature materials.


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Material Description

Tungsten-rhenium alloy is formed by adding different contents of element rhenium into molybdenum. Tungsten and rhenium are both refractory metals. By combining both ingredients, the "rhenium" effect enables tungsten-rhenium alloy to have better ductility, higher recrystallization temperature, better creep resistance, and higher resistivity. Tungsten-rhenium has good mechanical properties, and can be processed and welded.

Areas of Application

Because of its superior high-temperature performance, tungsten-rhenium alloy can be applied in the parts used in high-temperature areas and temperature measurement applications, mainly including:

Aerospace: Tungsten-rhenium alloys are applied in high-temperature aviation and aerospace parts and temperature measurement systems.

Semiconductor industry: Due to its superior physical properties, tungsten-rhenium alloy is used in the high temperature equipment parts for the semiconductor industry, such as heating equipment and temperature measurement equipment, etc.

Industrial furnaces: high temperature components and temperature measurement device.

Welding industry: Friction Stir Welding Head

Product Specifications

Different Options for You

Main specifications of tungsten-rhenium alloy products manufactured by AT&M include:


Production Process

Leading Process Leads to Leading-Edge Products

Our company has diversified product lines for production and processing. We provide top products to our customers while carefully monitoring each production process, which ensures that we are able to provide the best quality products.

Company Advantages

Leading Technology, High Quality

CISRI-AT&M is one of the earliest companies in China which is engaged in the research and development of tungsten-rhenium alloy. The company has owned the patent for tungsten-rhenium alloy wire, and won the third prize of national scientific progress award.

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